2013–14 Milken Educator Awards Highlights

Photo 16 of 42 Shana Davis accepts award with Governor Dennis Daugaard October, 2013–April, 2014

T.F. Riggs High School's award-winning english teacher is at a loss for words. As South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard and Education Secretary Dr. Melody Schopp give the spotlight to Shana Davis (SD '13), she’s still so overcome with the shock and gratitude of the moment that she can’t think of what to say as the crowd continues to cheer.

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Students cheer for Kena Allison
Mark Julien, First Milken Educator of 2013–14
Sarah Berndt with VIPs and $25,000 check
Ginger Giessler talks to media
Robert O'Donnell with vets and check
Tobin Schultz group shot with Lowell Milken and Angela Besendorfer
Brad LeDuc, Lowell Milken, Sam Brownback and VIPs with check
Mike Milken warms up the crowd
Kena Alliosn, Milken vets and Supt Aguirre
Molly Yerkes surpirsed by Dr. Jane Foley
Sarah Franko, Dr. Jane Foley and Superintendent Richard Ross
Marielle Emet receives check and cheers
Jose Martinez notification Lowell Milken
Jose Martinez with Lowell Milken and vets
James Moonan high-fives
Shana Davis accepts award with Governor Dennis Daugaard
Melissa Leisner with VIPs
Jennifer Smith, Lowell Milken, Tom Torlakson in classroom
Mike Milken and volunteers
Apollo Middle School volunteers $25000
Luis Espinosa of Apollo Middle School speaks to the media
Kevin Witte with Governor Heineman, VIPS and $25,000 check
Christal Bookhamer Lowell Milken and VIPs
Lowell Milken interviews students at Loflin Middle School
Mike Sinclair Gary Stark Mick Zais
Kristi Grooms with Milken Educators and VIPs
Katie Graupman and class on camera
Christopher Laughland with Gary Stark Manuel Valenzuela and Milken Educators
Katie Sedore with Governor Shumlin
Meghan Nese and Dr. Jane Foley
Kevin Winters group with check
William King answers Jane Foley
Jennifer Olewnik Dr Tommy Bice on phone
Tracee Thompson and Gov Phil Bryant
Erin Hodges accepts her Milken Educator Award
Mark Miazga with Mike Milken and VIPs
Elizabeth Galinis talks to media
Michelle Kay and Governor Neil Abercrombie
Andrew Cook reaction
Teresa Chan Seidel, Mike Milken, VIPs and Students
Mike Milken at Nathan Gibbs-Bowling notification
Nathan Gibbs-Bowling, Mike Milken, Patty Murray, Marily Strickland, Leonora Noble and check