2017-18 Milken Educators

Photo 36 of 44 South Carolina Erin Reichert


Social studies teacher Erin Reichert is actively cultivating the next generation of leaders and citizens at Bluffton High School in South Carolina's Beaufort County. For their senior projects, graduating students put together a presentation on what they plan to do to make a difference in their community, which they deliver to an audience that includes the principal, superintendent, Bluffton mayor and town council.

Erin teaches both AP United States History (APUSH) and Youth In Government (YIG), through which students have organized pictures with Santa during the town’s annual holiday parade, participated in cemetery and environmental cleanups, run clothing and food drives, and staffed local polling centers. Her students leave high school with a sense of charity, heart and personal responsibility, knowing they can truly make their world better. "I love seeing what you all accomplish," she told her students at her surprise notification on January 18, 2018. "What motivates me is you."


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