Milken Family Foundation Honors Exemplary Educators With Jewish Educator Awards

Photo 10 of 12 Rabbi Levi Solomon reaction Santa Monica, California, September 21, 2015

The final award of the day -- and year -- goes to Rabbi Levi Solomon of Emek Hebrew Academy, Teichman Family Torah Center. Here, Rabbi Solomon can barely contain his shock as he hears Milken Family Foundation Executive Vice President Richard Sandler announce his name as the recipient of a $15,000 Jewish Educator Award. 

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Hanna Keynan reaction
Hanna Keynan accepts Jewish Educator Award
Hanna Keynan, Richard Sandler
Kelly Shepard reaction
Kelly Shepard, Richard Sandler
Family congratulate Kelly Shepard
Jamie Gomer reaction
Richard Sandler student volunteer
Jamie Gomer students
Rabbi Levi Solomon reaction
Rabbi Levi Solomon Richard Sandler
Emek Hebrew Academy students