Milken Archive of Jewish Music Presentation to Café Europa Club

National Council of Jewish Women Headquarters, Los Angeles, California, July 28, 2015


Senior Vice President of Communications for the Milken Family Foundation Bonnie Somers was invited to speak about the Milken Archive of Jewish Music to Café Europa, a club for Holocaust survivors sponsored by Jewish Family Service of Los Angeles. It was held at the National Council of Jewish Women’s headquarters in Los Angeles. 

The Milken Archive was founded in 1990 by philanthropist Lowell Milken. When he heard beautiful synagogue music that was performed once—possibly never again—Lowell set out to change things. His vision was to discover, record, preserve and disseminate music inspired by Jewish life in a land of freedom. 

Lowell could not foresee that the result would be more than 700 recordings—meticulously researched and recorded by extraordinary talent from around the world. The Milken Archive has also filmed more than 800 hours of oral history interviews to document the social, religious, intellectual and political forces that inspired the music. Click through to view the gallery and learn more about the Archive here

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