Milken Archive of Jewish Music Presentation to Café Europa Club

Photo 7 of 12 Bonnie Somers National Council of Jewish Women Headquarters, Los Angeles, California, July 28, 2015

Senior Vice President of Communications for the Milken Family Foundation Bonnie Somers discusses highlights of the Milken Archive’s repertoire representing more than 350 years of Jewish life in a land of freedom. “Even as we seek to explore and preserve the music and meaning of the past, we also hope to encourage new expressions of the Jewish experience in America – experiences that will inspire and enlighten people 100 years from now!”

The Milken Archive aims to preserve and disseminate music related to the American Jewish experience, as well as encourage the creation of the new music that speaks to the American Jewish experience. Read more about the Archive's goals and objectives

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Milken Archive of Jewish Music Presentation to Café Europa
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Milken Archive of Jewish Music Presentation
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