Our 2016-17 Milken Educators

Photo 22 of 33 New Jersey - Lindsay Frevert

Lindsay Frevert (NJ '16) | Second-grade teacher, Van Derveer Elementary School | Somerville, NJ

Date of Award: October 20, 2016

Lindsay Frevert, the first Milken Educator in Somerville Public Schools, is a hometown girl: She grew up in nearby Branchburg and graduated from Somerville High School. "This is where I wanted to work," she said at her surprise Award notification. "I wouldn't want to be anywhere else." That's lucky for her students, who flourish in her class. A few years ago, 67% of the students in her class started out reading below grade level; by January, 78% were reading at or above grade level, climbing to 95% by the end of the school year. "When students leave my room, I hope they know that they are special and that I believe in them," says Lindsay. "People can succeed in life when they know others believe in them and when they believe in themselves."

More about Lindsay: Bio | Photos | Video | Spotlight interview

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