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Photo 32 of 33 Texas - Amber Simpson

Amber Simpson (TX '16) | TAP master teacher, Barrera Veterans Elementary | Von Ormy, TX

Date of Award: February 7, 2017

Governor Greg Abbott definitely knew how to get Barrera revved up for the big reveal at Amber Simpson's Award notification. "You have one of the best teachers in all of the United States of America!" he boomed. "Do you want to know who that is?" They sure did! When the governor called Amber's name, the room absolutely exploded with cheers and applause. Amber works with teachers of students from kindergarten through fourth grade, driving instruction for the entire building. "It's such an honor to represent Somerset ISD," Amber said. "The kids are worth it. As long as you keep the focus on your students and their growth and progress, it makes it all worthwhile."

More about Amber: Bio | Photos | Video | Spotlight interview

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