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Maggie Hawk (MD '14) │Teacher, Yellow Springs Elementary School │Frederick, MD

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Date of Award: Jan. 28, 2015

Seeing her students succeed is what the "gift" of teaching is all about for first-grade teacher Maggie Hawk. As a child, Maggie struggled with dyslexia and reading, but these challenges have only made her a stronger instructor who is determined to help her students, including many with academic and behavioral difficulties, reach their full potential.

In this photo: Newest Milken Educator Maggie Hawk gets some VIP help holding up her $25,000 check from leaders in Maryland education and from Lori and Mike Milken, leaders in recognizing talented educators.

Pictured, from left: Milken Family Foundation Trustee Lori Milken, Milken Family Foundation Co-Founder Mike Milken, Frederick County Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Terry Alban, Margaret Hawk (MD ’14), Partnership and Recognition Programs Executive Director, Milken Educator Awards Coordinator Dr. Darla Strouse and Maryland Deputy State Superintendent for Teaching & Learning Dr. Jack Smith.

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