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High-Quality Curriculum Implementation

June 2020
NIET high quality curriculum cover

Research confirms what effective educators and policymakers know from practice: The implementation of a "high-quality" curriculum, aligned to rigorous state standards, leads to notable student learning gains. Yet less than half of teachers report they are using curricula that are "high-quality and well aligned to learning standards."

As more districts take steps to adopt high-quality instructional materials, professional learning must be restructured to provide opportunities for collaboration and coaching, led by trained experts and teacher leaders. Only by redesigning professional learning to provide differentiated support for educators – whether in-person or virtual – can we ensure teachers are able to effectively use the materials to maximize learning for all students.

In this research, NIET shares six lessons, along with actions district, school, and teacher leaders can take now that translate to in-person and virtual settings.

Click here: "High-Quality Curriculum Implementation: Connecting What to Teach with How to Teach It," plus recommendations for implementing high-quality curriculum