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30th Annual Jewish Educator Awards

2019 JEA program cover

Each year, the Jewish Educator Awards remind us of the importance of handing down the values that we share as a faith and as a culture. The decision to send one’s sons and daughters to a Jewish day school is an acknowledgement that the goal of a sound education is far more than teaching the next generation math and reading; it is also about teaching them the history and value system upon which our culture is built, about what it means to be a Jew and our responsibilities to repair the world.

The four educators honored this year—Michelle Andron, Eric Hartung, Rabbi Abraham Lieberman, and Nelly Wisner—exemplify the intelligence and scholarship, the creativity and compassion vital in guiding new generations to realize their potential and perpetuate their Jewish heritage. Through their important work, these educators preserve the past, elevate the present and uphold the promise of the Jewish people.