High Tech Los Angeles

Named California’s #1 charter high school in 2013, Lowell Milken High Tech Los Angeles (HTLA) is an innovative public charter school that engages students with a rigorous curriculum rich in technology and complemented by real world internships. HT-LA's diverse student population achieved California Distinguished School status in record time. The school’s initial lead grant was from the Lowell Milken Family Foundation.

Says former HTLA student Christopher Rosiak:

"I often times think back on the experiences that I had at HTLA and wanted to just say thank you for your contribution and belief in the program. Now 27 years old, I credit much of my foundational knowledge of the world and ongoing relationships to the small insulated bubble that you so graciously invested in. The staff there set a bar that many schools that I visit today cannot compare to. 

"Today, I am the co-founder of a global entertainment company with 7-8 figure annual revenues and a global audience base of 50 million people across the Internet. We provide for 30 families around the world through various employment opportunities within our company. I have also been fortunate enough to raise institutional capital and build strong relationships with very smart people along my journey. Much of this credit goes to my experience at HTLA and for that I thank you! In fact, my co-founder is also an alumni of HTLA!

"I look forward to one day being able to contribute to the education system and improve the lives of young students —  just like you did for us."

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