A selection of publications from the Milken Family Foundation, its initiatives and affiliated organizations including the Milken Educator Awards, the Lowell Milken Institute, and the National Institute for Excellence in Teaching.


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33nd Annual Jewish Educator Awards

December 2023

Sponsored by the Milken Family Foundation in cooperation with BJE, a beneficiary agency of The Jewish Federation.

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Milken Educator Awards

Fall 2023

More than 35 years celebrating, elevating and activating outstanding educators

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The Children of Willesden Lane: A Teacher's Resource

A printable curriculum guide created by Facing History and Ourselves and the Milken Family Foundation, providing a wealth of lessons and activities for students.

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2023 NIET Annual Report

December 2023

NIET's 2023 Annual Report highlights key milestones and achievements over the past year as we have supported partners around the country in elevating educators and unleashing the power of teacher leadership.

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2022-23 NIET Research Summary

December 2022

In NIET’s 2022-23 Research Summary, we summarize findings from five new studies and highlight selected findings from studies of NIET partnerships conducted over the past decade. 

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Accelerating Student Learning Through Prioritizing Teacher Support

Spring 2022

As teachers continue to solve for the best way to meet their students’ needs and address learning gaps, the common approach of remediation – teaching or re-teaching prior material – is quickly proving to be inadequate. A more effective strategy of learning acceleration starts with teaching current grade-level content and only bringing in remedial content if a student demonstrates the need for it.

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Learning Acceleration Resource Student Ownership Ultimate Acceleration pdf

NIET Resources for High-Quality Instruction


In response to navigating education in a COVID era, NIET constructed a one-stop web section that offers guidance on how to strengthen educator effectiveness – in any learning delivery – to accelerate student learning.

Click here: NIET Resources to Accelerate Teacher Support and Student Learning 

Why New Teacher Mentoring Falls Short and How to Fix It cover

Why New Teacher Mentoring Falls Short, and How to Fix It

Fall 2021

Teacher mentorship programs, where new teachers are paired with veterans, are a research-based practice, but they often lack clarity and can turn into more of a "buddy system" than a true learning opportunity. In this new report, NIET shares research and experience that point to greater success when mentorship programs center on instructional improvement and provide deeper support for mentors.

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National Institute for Excellence in Teaching
Additional Publications

Publications by the National Institute for Excellence in Teaching (NIET)—which include research on teacher leadership, professional development, educator evaluation, performance compensation, teacher preparation, and more—are available for download from NIET’s website.

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Lowell Milken Institute 

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Lowell Milken Institute for Business Law and Policy

Innovative Solutions and the Leaders Who Can Implement Them

An overview brochure for the Lowell Milken Institute for Business Law and Policy at the UCLA School of Law.

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