A selection of publications from the Milken Family Foundation, its initiatives and affiliated organizations including the Milken Educator Awards, the Lowell Milken Institute, and the National Institute for Excellence in Teaching.


2019 JEA program cover

30th Annual Jewish Educator Awards

Sponsored by the Milken Family Foundation in cooperation with BJE, a beneficiary agency of The Jewish Federation.

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2019 Milken Scholars brochure cover

2019 Milken Scholars Program

by Milken Family Foundation
August 2019

Milken Scholars was founded in 1989 by Lori and Michael Milken to honor exceptional young men and women based on their academic performance, community service, leadership activities and triumphs over obstacles. By identifying these extraordinarily talented youth and then providing resources and networks to them so they can help themselves and those around them, the Program aims to support Milken Scholars during their academic and professional careers.

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COWL Book Cover

The Children of Willesden Lane: A Teacher's Resource

A printable curriculum guide created by Facing History and Ourselves and the Milken Family Foundation, providing a wealth of lessons and activities for students.

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MEA Brochure 2018 cover

Milken Educator Awards

by Milken Family Foundation
Fall 2018

More than three decades celebrating, elevating and activating outstanding educators

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NIET 2019 annual report cover

NIET 2019 Annual Report


The report highlights success stories and sets out NIET's vision for the future.

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niet in focus still

NIET In Focus 2019


NIET in Focus 2019 covers NIET's strengthened focus on school improvement, expanded higher education partnerships, the delivery of high-quality curricula, and evidence that lasting partnerships with NIET produce large-scale student achievement gains.

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niet services summary cover

NIET Services


Over the past two decades, NIET has helped our nation's schools and districts earn historic results in student achievement. Knowing that teacher quality is the single biggest in-school factor for student success, NIET builds educator excellence through proven strategies that increase opportunities for all students. NIET's key areas of focus are school improvement solutions, teacher and leader development, the TAP System for Teacher and Student Advancement, rubric and observation systems, and educator preparation partnerships.

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teach factor report unleashing teacher leadership cover

Unleashing Teacher Leadership


While national organizations and state policymakers have placed greater attention on teacher leadership over the past decade, educators on the whole are not provided with the authority, support or tools to dramatically affect instructional skill and student performance. This report discusses the movement to expand teacher leadership opportunities in the U.S. and NIET's lessons learned for designing, supporting and leveraging formal teacher leadership for student success.

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investing in teacher leadership cover

Investing in Teacher Leadership


Every year we invest billions in professional development to build teachers' capacity to better address the diverse academic needs of every student. Yet student learning continues to fall short of expectations in too many places. We must ask the question: Is there a better way to invest in the professional learning of teachers across America? Our answer is an emphatic yes.

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TAP Research Summary June 2018 cover

TAP Research Summary

June 2018

The TAP System stands out because of its more than two-decade-long track record of growth and success in improving educator effectiveness and raising student achievement in high-need schools. This summary includes a recap of some of the most important results that have emerged from the research to date and highlights newer studies documenting accomplishments in partner schools and districts across multiple states.

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niet educator effectiveness resources services catalog cover cropped

National Institute for Excellence in Teaching
Additional Publications

Publications by the National Institute for Excellence in Teaching (NIET)—which include research on career advancement, professional development, educator evaluation and performance compensation—are available for download from NIET’s website.

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Lowell Milken Institute 

LMI Brochure cover

Lowell Milken Institute for Business Law and Policy

Innovative Solutions and the Leaders Who Can Implement Them

An overview brochure for the Lowell Milken Institute for Business Law and Policy at the UCLA School of Law.

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