Milken Archive of Jewish Music

Milken Archive of Jewish Music - The American ExperienceThe award-winning Milken Archive of Jewish Music reveals the universality of the Jewish experience to people of all faiths and backgrounds. The Milken Archive’s “virtual museum” is an interactive guide to music, videos, oral histories, photos and essays chronicling over 350 years of Jewish music and culture in the land of freedom.

Since its founding by Lowell Milken in 1990, the Milken Archive has become the largest collection of American Jewish music ever assembled—roughly 600 recorded works, more than 500 of them world premieres.

Additionally, the Milken Archive’s collection contains over 800 hours of oral histories; nearly 50,000 photographs and historical documents; thousands of hours of video footage from recording sessions, interviews, and live performances; and an extensive set of program notes and essays that illuminate the music's historical and cultural context. The Archive's repertoire was determined by an editorial board comprised of notable composers, cantors, performers, and scholars.

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