Stephanie Bishop

Stephanie Bishop bio 2021

A 2001 Milken Educator from Virginia, Stephanie Bishop now serves as Vice President of the Milken Educator Awards at the Milken Family Foundation. In her role at the Foundation, Stephanie supports the national network of excellence to expand and strengthen strategies that Celebrate, Elevate, and Activate Milken Educators.

She was co-chair of the inaugural I, Too, Am the Dream Contest for the Milken Center for Advancing the American Dream in 2020. Along with a select group of Milken Educators, the Contest provided a platform for empowering students to be ambassadors for reimagining an American Dream through thought-provoking essays, poetry, spoken word, and short stories.

In 2007, the Lowell Milken Center for Unsung Heroes enlisted her expertise for its production of “Life in a Jar,” the story of Irena Sendler. In 2012, she and her students were honored with The Discovery Award from the Center for their original one act play “Walk With Me,” featuring unsung hero and upstander, Ken Reinhardt, in his quest to defend and befriend the Little Rock 9 in 1957.

Since 2004, Stephanie has been a co-program chair for the Teachers of Promise Institute. The Institute brings together the top aspiring educators from 30 of Virginia’s college and university Schools of Education and partners them with master educators for an event to celebrate their choice to teach while providing high quality workshops to activate them to the profession.

Stephanie was a public school educator for 25 years, serving at the district and secondary levels as Director of Secondary Education, principal, and teacher. As Principal of JEJ Moore Middle School in Prince George, she led a team of educators who transformed the learning culture to one that was process and project-based with meaningful and relevant student outcomes.

At the time of the Milken Award, she was a theatre arts teacher and chair of the fine arts department at Prince George High School, where she created an award-winning theatre arts program.