10 Must-Have Albums from the Milken Archive of Jewish Music

Photo 8 of 10 A Jewish Legacy — Leonard Bernstein  August 17, 2015

A Jewish Legacy — Leonard Bernstein  

This is a unique collection of rarely heard works—including several world-premiere recordings. Triumphal processions, mysterious invocations, intimate Jewish character portraits, rousing dances. All of these musical offerings present the great eclectic imagination of one of America's foremost 20th-century composers. 


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The Gates of Justice — Dave Brubeck
Cycle of Life in Synagogue and Home — Volume 4: Digital Album 13
Songs of the Soul (symphony), Shir L'erev Shabbat (excerpts) The Final Ingredient (excerpts) — David Amram
Genesis Suite (1945)
Jewish Operas — Volume 1
Ladino Songs of Love and Suffering, Mikhoels the Wise (excerpt), Out of the Whirlwind — Bruce Adolphe
The Mirror, Passover Offering, Tants un Maysele — Yehudi Wyner
A Jewish Legacy — Leonard Bernstein
Great Songs of the Yiddish Theatre, Volume 1 — Abraham Ellstein
A Hanukka Celebration