MFF Memories

Interview Greg Gallagher

Greg Gallagher
Senior Program Director
28 years

How did you become involved in the Milken Family Foundation?

I moved to Los Angeles from New York and worked at MGM Studios as an intern in 1993. The assistant producer with whom I worked at the time suggested that I apply for a job at the Milken Family Foundation after my internship had ended. An entry-level position was open for a receptionist, and shortly after that I was promoted to work as the assistant to the head of public affairs.

You have been deeply involved in the Milken Educator Awards, the Milken Scholars and Festival for Youth programs, which have taken you around the nation. What have been your most memorable moments?

There are so many highlights to my career at the Milken Family Foundation: my work as program administrator for the Milken Festival for Youth, alumni director for the Milken Scholars Program, and most recently representing the Foundation at all-school assemblies around the country and surprising teachers and principals with $25,000 Milken Educator Awards. My work has allowed me to travel to almost every state in the U.S., and meet students and school staff from all walks of life. 

Interview Greg Gallagher student

Greg Gallagher talks with a student at a Milken Educator Award notification

How has the Milken Family Foundation impacted your life?

After visiting so many schools, I often reflect back on the amazing educators who have impacted my life and shaped the person that I am today. I am forever grateful for the myriad of opportunities that the Milken Family Foundation has bestowed on me. Their mission to improve the lives of Milken Educators and Milken Scholars has also benefitted me in countless ways.